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Re: O2 sensors (shortish)

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Bendy Rudack wrote:

> > Are you aware, that in addition to 1 and 3 wire units, there are 2 and 4 wire
> > sensors.

Yeah, and flange mount, threaded mount, and probably a few other non 
conformist formats as well.

> And for all you Q-listers out there reading this you can use a 4-wire
> "universal" sensor on your car. The 4th wire is simply a redundant
> ground... You just won't be using it.

You can even use it if you want. :-)

> > Without further
> > investigation, I would wager that each number specified corresponds with a
> > different emissions system, i.e., CIS, CIS-E, Motronic, etc.
> What do you want to wager? :-)

Yeah, I'll take that wager too.  How about a Ford O2 sensor?

> If that is true why does the Late MC (200tq, dual knock, K24) have the
> same Pn(034 906 265 F) for O2S as a 3B(200tq 20v) and a 7A(Coupe Q)?
> Last I checked a MC and 3B used different engine management...

Very different.

> sensors  and say wow, that NTK sensor is tiny compared to the Bosch and
> the AC sensor.  Guess what, they both read 500mv at Stoich.  Now, they

_Exactly_  500mV!

> on my Audi even it has Ford pinstamped on the shell...if it costs 1/3 of
> insulation on these other brands sensors as well... One was close to RS2
> blue!

You know, Ford blue is awefully close to RS2 blue!  ;-)

Graydon D. Stuckey

"There's alot more to Jazz than just wrong notes"