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Re: My cool car

rm mcaleer wrote:

> I have
> already painted my brake discs yellow, and they look very good in between
> the stock rims.

I'm assuming you are referring to the wheel mounting surface, not the actual
braking surface?

> I am also going to paint the accessories under the hood
> yellow.  e.g., the valve cover, oil pan, fan housing, etc.

Sounds OK to me, but yellow? Red or blue maybe, yellow?!? :-)

>  I know most of you will strongly
> disagree with what I am doing, but the way I see it is, I need to make
> the car look good. Now, to most of you, neon's and 10-inch speakers are
> stupid, but I'm only 16, and I think they look pretty neat.  Well, that's
> about it i guess.  Sorry for the wasted time, but I just think my car is
> going to look pretty good, and thought I'd share with you all.

You hit it right on the head with your last statement. It will look good to
you and that's the main point. Everyone has his own opinion, and yours is
the most important to you. Personally, I'd skip the neon license frame, very
annoying to the people following you and perhaps even illegal in some areas;
unless you put a switch on it and only turn it on when "cruising".

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