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Re: Ur-q timing belt.


When I took delivery of my first Audi, a 1980 4000 1.6 liter 4cyl,  the
timing belt
was off one tooth.  The car ran fine but had no power (the top speed was 80
It took the dealer three tries to find the problem.  I suggested looking at
the belt,
but what does the customer know?


Martin Pajak wrote:

> Q-list,
> Finally got the computer side to work properly (sort of).
> However I had some problems with the CO setting.
> I used the FV duty cycle to adjust CO and would get nice 35-45%. It has
> new Oxygen sensor and full tune-up.
> However it was fluctuating a lot and the car would back fire as soon as
> some throttle was given.
> I thought since all the sensors and computer looks to be in the right
> order I will check the ignition distributor position.
> I put the engine at TDC and found the distributor at the correct basic
> factory setting.
> However I found the camshaft to be off by one tooth (you have to crank
> the engine ~one tooth to see the mark lign up with the cyl head).
> I removed the the T-belt cover and found rubber shreded dust all over.
> Looks like original T-belt with 130k on it.
> Question is:  would camshaft advanced by one tooth couse this poor
> running?
> I remember someone mentioned the possibility of moving the T-belt
> setting by one tooth without major effects on engine performance.
> BTW a new belt is on it's way in.
> --
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