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RE: Compressor???

Make sure it is not sipping from the Hyd. Pump. It can leak down, and look
like a compressor leak.

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Hi everyone,

	I noticed a small amount of oil in the garage right under the
front edge of the car.  The car is a 1990 100  I'm not sure if it is
coming from the compressor or not.  I hope that I am describing this
right, it's coming from a component which is to the right of the oil pan
when you are facing the car and I think it's in front of the bomb.  The
oil is leaking out right where the belt drives it.  If it is the
compressor how much am I looking at spending for the repair?  Where can I
get one for a good price?  Do any q-listers have a spare one?


94 90S
90 100
85 4000S