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1991 200 20V TQ for sale

Hi folks,

About 15 miles from where I live (central NYS, USA) there is a '91 200
20V TQ for sale.  Here are what few details I've seen or have been told:

- Pearl White/black leather
- 5-speed (were they all?)
- usual features, including phone
- 95,000 miles
- PA car, Phil. area
- looks like the original style (internal caliper) brakes
- body in decent condition. No immediately apparent corrosion, one small
but obvious dimple-dent in motor hood. Interior looks ok.  Some trim,
inside and outside, could use some re-fixing.
- Bose stereo sounds ok, at least the radio.
- asking price: $12,000

I took the car on a brief test drive last Saturday (hey, any excuse to
do some drivin'). Seemed solid, for the most part. A couple suspension
noises I'd want to check out. Motor seemed strong, I took it up to about
85 mph (several times) and saw a high of 1.7 bar readout. Tried  three
or so  80-to-30 mph braking maneuvers, brakes seemed smooth and strong,
no pulsing.

That's all I had time to check out.

Seller:  Craig's Auto Sales, 245 East Corning Rd., Corning, NY  14830.
Phone: 607-936-6964.

Usual disclaimers apply. I can say that I've bought three cars over the
last 10 years from Craig, and like dealing with him. Go ahead and tell
him you saw the car posted to the Quattro List (he know's it's the
reason he doesn't see me that often for service/repairs).

Oh, and if not for my current "challenging" financial position I'd be
_seriously_ looking at the car for myself.

Frank M.
'90 200 TQ
'88 Mazda 323 GTX
'74 Aermacchi Harley Davidson Sprint SS 350
- all for sale, all in very good condition, e-me for details