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Re: a4 CD Install

Cliff Dawson wrote:
>What's the best way to install a 6 CD changer in the trunk of a '97 A4?
>just picked up the car last night, so I don't know if it's pre-wired or
>Also, where (besides dealer) can I find a good CD changer similar to
>factory installed?

and Scott Galbraith responded:

>No you can get any Cd Changer you want.  What you have to get though, and
>all companies offer this option, is an FM adapter...

Yes you *can* do this, but I personally would not.  The sound quality
is not as good; you have to find somewhere to mount the extra control
panel (looks tacky); and you'll lose the integrated control functionality
of the Audi head unit.  On the other hand, it'll probably be a couple of
hundred dollars cheaper.

The factory CD changers are available from Clair (and others) mail order.
I was in an email discussion with someone else about this recently (Bentz
Puryear).  He had just checked prices and found Clair had them for $509
(incl. changer, mounting bracket & shipp.).  Carlsen had the same for $615.
Dealers run about $620 (plus tax) or more ($595 changer + $25 bracket).

If you go to Clair, ask them for the qlist discount (www.clair.com

Finally, if you get the factory changer, check the FAQ at www.a4.org where
I posted instructions on how to install it (it's pretty easy).

-Mark Quinn