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Re: V8 5 speed - What they are really worth

>Granted, the S6 4.2 is arguably more car, but there is NOTHING between the V8/5 and the S6 4.2/6
in price or performance for me and my needs.<

You hit the nail on the head.  For you and your needs.  That have something that is perfect for you
is great.  I have several hunting dogs, which I have
spent many hours training and nashing teeth over.
For me, the dogs are now perfect.  I would not sell
either of them for $10,000, really.  What are they worth?  Well, 4-5 year olds, broke to wing and shot,
excellent in retrieve, pointing, backing, etc., in the 
midwest, maybe $2,500-$3,000 MAX.  What I would
take for them really has no effect on what the market
would give me for them.  See?

>Thus my indifference point on a sale is $30-35k depending upon the D-mark/US$ at the moment<

that is your prerogative, completely.  just understand that your "indifference point" is unrealistic--so far as the market is concerned.

>That's just the fact.  If you are not looking for that kind of performance and build quality in a V8 package, then we aren't even in the same

Look, the performance of my 89 200tq wagon surpasses, the performance I have found with the several V8's I have driven.  I am not downing the V8
in any manner.  Just stating facts.  Now, my car has 
a market value.  Probably worth $5k to the dealer, *maybe* $8,000 max to someone who must have
what I have.  Would I take $8k?  No.  But what I would take is irrelevant to market value, so long as
I don't control the market.

>Lot's of V8/5 owners think this way, not just me.<

they seem to be a proud bunch, as they should be.

>Were my car totalled, I would be screwed, which is why I keep careful track of the prices of v8/5's independent of auto models and later 4.2 models.
If that were the case, I would HOPE I can extract 17-18k from the insurance>

For your sake, I hope so too.  Would be interesting
to see what insurance has paid on a wrecked one.
Saw one that needed a rear clip once, sold for around $4,500, as I recall.  Black, mid mileage.  Nice car.