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o2 sensor/snowboard rack?

For a '87 5kcstq w/120k mi, runs good:

1. Doing the basic tune up soon (plugs, cap, wires, yadda yadda) as well 
as possibly replacing the screwy idle adjuster valve.
Is it worth replacing the o2 sensor?  I'm not sure what it controls 
(emissions?) or how often it needs replacement.

2. I've encountered a phenom where (under no particular circumstance) 
the "BRAKE!" light blinks on.  I figure on having the brakes checked 
anyhoo, but wondered what listers thought that might be.  It happens 
sporadically, only for a few seconds, and braking seems normal.

3. That dern rr. defog button stays on, and I can't un-on it!  It just 
wont unclick to off.  Paper clip?  Remove dash?  Rebuilt engine?

4. Anyone try replacing the stock headlight bulbs with 
different/xenon/more powerful types?  If so, what?  How much $$? etc. 
I've seen ads for the full euro-headlight & relay upgrade which is way 
to expensive for me.

5. And last, anyone have a roof mount snowboard/ski/bike rack for sale?

please respond to dyer@sdc.sre.sony.com

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