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Re: Speeding Alert, Denver and the rest of us.....

This seems to be an old thread, new location. From what I have heard, most
everyplace that has tried to enforce traffic laws with cameras (in the US)
have failed. Where it seemed to make most sense was in San Francisco (CA)
where there is a serious problem with red light runners (a much more serious
risk to other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists than simply going a few mph
over the posted limit IMO). Even there where the cameras are aimed well at the
intersection the success rate of conviction was very poor last I heard. SF is
keeping at it because the problem is so serious. Other communities around here
tried this for speeders and gave up (i.e. Campbell CA).

So Denverites, try not to sweat it too much, be aware they are there and use
your detectors. Unless the accuracy of the photography gets much better (and
it won't) there will be a very low conviction per citation rate just like
everywhere else this has been tried. Sit back and enjoy your quattros in the
winter and your Broncos instead ;-)

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq