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Re: Compressor???


	I wasn't able to get a large sample of the oil, but I did check
the pentosin level and it is holding steady.  With the small sample of oil
I got Ithought it was kind of clear. It might be that the leak is
so small that there is no noticeable loss of pentosin.  I did also think
that it could be the hydraulic pump, but it does seem to be dry around the
area of the pump.  I will check it again.  The hydraulic pump was replaced
about a year ago and the compressor was recharged about 3 months ago.


94 90S
90 100
85 4000S

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Wallace White wrote:

> Ben -
> Can you tell what kind of oil it is? There's not a lot of oil in the A/C
> system, and if it were getting out, I think the refrigerant would have
> too. (So does your A/C still work?)
> My central hydraulic pump (or power steering pump) was leaking Pentosin
> pretty badly, and it ran down the compressor on its way to the ground;
> any chance that the same thing is happening to you? Pentosin is a
> light-weight, green oil that is pretty distinctive, once you've poured
> enough of it into the hydraulic reservoir because of a bad leak. :)
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 150k
> Benjamin Kwan wrote:
> > 
> > Hi everyone,
> > 
> >         I noticed a small amount of oil in the garage right under the
> > front edge of the car.  The car is a 1990 100  I'm not sure if it is
> > coming from the compressor or not.  I hope that I am describing this
> > right, it's coming from a component which is to the right of the oil pan
> > when you are facing the car and I think it's in front of the bomb.  The
> > oil is leaking out right where the belt drives it.  If it is the
> > compressor how much am I looking at spending for the repair?  Where can I
> > get one for a good price?  Do any q-listers have a spare one?
> > 
> > Ben
> > 
> > 94 90S
> > 90 100
> > 85 4000S