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Re: Re: V8 5 speed - What they are really worth

In a message dated 11/4/98, 11:19:43 AM, kamerer@madriver.com writes:
<<Were my car totalled, I would be screwed, which is why I keep careful track
of the prices of v8/5's independent of auto models and later 4.2 models.
If that were the case, I would HOPE I can extract 17-18k from the insurance
co. for my car, then I'd have to pony up 10-15k to import an S6 4.2, or
wait until fall 1999 and buy the A6 4.2/6 which is coming.  But that'll be
prolly 45k new and I'd have to wait one year.

Unfortunatley Insurance companies look at Actual value and not what the owner
thinks it's worth or what it would cost to replace the car.  Actual Value I.E.
Blue book is somewhere around 10-15K depend on condition etc.