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Re: My cool car

At 10:19 PM 11/3/98 -0800, Timothy C Salazar II wrote:
>my friends and I can't talk.  I modified my `78 Honda Civic Station Wagon
>by dropping in a `83 Civic CVCC motor into it!  63 screaming ponies under
>the hood, baby!  And then there was the Diesel Volkswagen Rallye Rabbit. 
>Off road tires and shocks, *no* interior (too much weight), racing
>stripes, and Hella spotlights.  Sure, her top speed was around 65mph, and
>she had this propensity to "run-away" on us, but you couldn't beat that
>fuel mileage!  Yeah, we were 18 and stupid.

How common, yaaawn, a Civic wagon and a Rabbit:) How about a 1969 Cortina
GT with 35,000 miles on it in which the right side McPherson strut tower
mounting pad had rotted and the strut poked through the top of the fender
and hood? Never drove that car but it sure had a nice wood dash! Or a
Renault 4 with the souped up sounding (read: blown muffler) 850cc engine
and floor a la Flintstones (all I had to do was lower my feet to stop the
car:)? Poked it into a snow bank? No problem. Just get out, lift the back
of the car, swing it over and tally ho! Or the Renault 16 which was rusted
so badly that the only thing holding the rear axle attached to the body was
gravity? But my pride and joy was a chrome yellow Renault 15 with the matte
black hood into which my brothers and I had dropped a Renault 16TS hemi
head engine (oooh). It was a victor of many a late night illicit drag race
in the "furrin car" category at English Drive in Moncton, New Brunswick
(pop. 80,000) in Eastern Canada. English Drive was located in an industrial
park with a straight and perfectly paved stretch of quarter mile better
than most drag strips. Every summer weekend and most week nights, guys
would do the equivalent of modern day jousting with their iron steeds. For
the occasional big bucks match races, there would be Christmas tree lights,
electronic timers, spotters with mobile radios and police band scanners,
and cars would be trailered in. There were a few sub 12 second cars that
had names like "Chevy II Much" and steamroller tires. Of course, I would be
lucky to run a sub 18 second quarter mile with my Renault 15 but it was fun
nonetheless. The joys of a misspent youth...


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