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RE: eibach springs for 4kq/cq/gt

    Now I have a question.  I think most of us agree that the 84' 4kq
came with much stiffer springs than the newer 4kq's.  Question is, how
    Does anyone have the spring rates for the newer 4kcsq springs
    Does anyone have the rates for 84' springs?
I would love to know.  If I decide to buile a Production Rally car then
I will be getting custom springs made and will measure the 84' springs
for a point of referance since I like how they are balanced on dirt but
need stiffer to handle the bumps.  I have heard from one source who has
H&R's on his 86' and has an 84' that they have very similar stiffnesses
but I am not sure.


Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 16:00:20 -0500 (EST)
From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>
Subject: eibach springs for 4kq/cq/gt

This is mainly to summarize the info I received today, and
so we will have it on record for future reference.

I have in my possession a lightly used set of Eibach springs.
I intend(ed) to use these on my CQ, but I decided to check into
it a bit, at my mechanics urging.

The set I have is:

a) 1504.101
b) 1510.001

This is a stock set for the 4kq, known as the prokit 1504.140.
a) is used in the front of the 4kq, and has a rate of 109x137 lbs

b) has a single rate of 143lbs, and is used in the rear of the 4kq.

Here's where it gets interesting.

The CQ uses the prokit 1510.140, which consists of:

A) 1510.001 (front)
B) 1511.002 (rear)

A) should look familiar - it's the rear 4kq spring, and is not

B) is a different spring, and has a rate of 120x200.

So, you might be wondering, why would you use a spring rated
at 143lbs in the front of a (heavier) CQ?

The only thing I can think of is that the person at Eibach made
a mistake and this spring is supposed to be on the rear.
That would make sense, going from a type85 chassis to a type89
that weighs more, you beef up the front springs from 109x137
to 120x200.  So, I have a call into the guy at Eibach again to
check this.

Lastly, for those with 4000 nonq or CoupeGTs...
Your car uses the prokit 1502.140, which consists of:
C) 1510.001 front (this should look very familiar by now)
D) 1502.002 rear

This kit has been discontinued, but the rep said that they have 133
pieces of D) (rears) so when they are able to run off a batch of
front springs, the kits will become available again, until they
sell out.

Hope this helps some of you.  In a nutshell, unless I get a
good reason to install these, I have a set of Eibachs for
the 4kq for sale, and I might be looking for a used set of H&Rs
for the CQ, or I may just bite the bullet and go coilover...