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Re: awesome quattro print - get one! (more info as req'ed)

You can go to:
and take a look... its a litho of Dennis Brown's Lord of the Rings.

Signed by Brown, Stuck, Haywood, Hoppen, Röhrl, and Biela. Central
figure is Beila's A4 touring car surrounded by nearly all of Audi's
motorsport quattros.

btw- my Banned quattro 'poster' is framed as well. If I STAPLED them
to the wall, I'd get a spanking!

Joe said:  
> Remember Folks This is something that HAS to be 
> framed, this is not one of those staple to the wall 
> posters!

>> I agree- mine should be in the mail...
>> Its getting positioned next to my full-banner 'banned
>> quattro' poster!!

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