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NOS on 4kq??

Hello everyone....
Well I have been doing some research on upgrading my 4kq.
Well. I have pretrty much come to the conclusion that I should run
a 50-75 shot of nitrous oxide. Does anyone know if this is illegal for
street use in the state of Texas??? 
also, I know i need to set up enrichment for NOS boost but what is the best
way to do this? Should I run lead additive to keep the valves cooler
if I plan on using NOS? BTW, I have a empty cat so lead will not hurt 
anything. Has anyon had any BTDT's on nitrous on a NA motor or any
i-5 for that matter. 
Also, I was told the est way to do this is add extra injectors to the 
intake for each cylinder. Is there any way to set it up to run richer
at the flip of a switch? IE bypass temp sensor to say motor is colder
when it as normal temp? 

Any and all feedback is appreciated,
Rich Andrews

BTW, Thanks to everyone who responded to my turbo upgrade questions.
I will have to put that aside for now.