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Re: <off Topic> Merc. AMG

In message <199811051628.QAA01388@smtp.amb.org> ti@amb.org (Ti Kan) writes:

> AMG is now owned by Mercedes.  They have become a motorsport division
> of Mercedes (sort of like the M division of BMW).  There are "AMG"
> editions of various Mercedes models which are the high performance
> versions, sold through Mercedes dealers.  Also, AMG now handles
> Mercedes' racing efforts, such as the FIA GT1, Le Mans etc.  The
> invincible CLK-GTR and CLK-LM race cars are from AMG.

Is that a recent move?

It might well explain the more "discreet" or "stealthy" AMGs now
appearing.  Certainly I remember the beasts from the early 1980s
on the Autobahns - I owe my company Frankfurt-Stuttgart record of
2hrs 16mins to slip-streaming behind one.

The comparison with WMB's 'M' is perhaps limited - AMGs used to cost
REALLY serious money - 'M' WMBs are relatively affordable.

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