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awesome print-get one!/Car insurance sanity

Yup, we've still got some of the Audi prints left so come on down!
Unframed pieces are 50% off and framed pieces are 35% off.

The same applies to the other editions we have created:
łOne BMW M3 Race Team piece (hey, it was part of something for BMW and it's
signed by all six drivers AND Tom Milner)
łTwo Viper GTS pieces-one signed by Shelby the other signed by Lutz, Gale
and Castaing(now that's collectible)
łTwo Cobra pieces-both signed by Shelby
łTwo Land Rover pieces-one 50th Anniversary, one Camel Trophy
łOne Allard piece

Money back guarantee if you don't love it!  The unframed pieces are all
sent rolled in heavy tubes so no bent ends either.

On another note, I just got my insurance bill for the 93 V8 for the  next
twelve months from Liberty Mutual.  For maximal coverage 250/500/50 and a
$500 deductible it's $1,888 WITH credits for the bags, ABS and anti-theft.
That's with no points assigned.  I called to find out what I would save if
I went to a $1,000 deductible and the answer is $420!  It pays for itself
in about a year.  God love this state taxes, tolls  and all.  I wonder if
Jesse Ventura could help?