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RE: So what do you think is wrong?

My friend has a 1.8 turbo passat that was brand new and had the same
problem. The dealer told him it was because he could of left the fuel cap
off at refueling and the causes the check engine (or emmisions) light to
come on. The dealer reset it and that was the end of it. Don't know....


91 200q

Message text written by INTERNET:quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Just thought I would see what everyone thinks the problem is with my
I have an idea and the car is going in to the dealer (thank god for
warranty) first thing in the morning, but I would appreciate any feedback
because I don't have the utmost faith in the "Monkey Boys" in the service
departments ability to diagnose the problem.... So here it is... I started
the car up (A4 1.8t) and after warming the car up the emissions control
check engine light came on.... After pulling off the road I did the usual
look under the hood, check fluids, see if anything is hanging loose, and
what did I find.... the car was also down on oil.... and that is strange
because the car hasn't used ANY oil since the first oil change.... the car
was down about 1/2L since my last fuel fill up.... so there it is.... the
car still pulls well, not that I pushed it in my limp home, sounds normal,
nothing seems to be hanging loose, no obvious leaks (that I can see in the
dark with a flashlight)....   any ideas or insight would be greatly
appreciated.... Thank you in advance.... Marc