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RE: Urq Valve Cover Painting

Good points phil.  I always cover studs and plug holes when I paint.  I
forgot to put that in there..   Sure looks nice though when done.  
	How did Roger do in that Competition?  He get it fixe in time.
On the clean thing, I just take it to them Filthy, that way they can bitch
and moan all they want and I let them since they would do it anyhow.  :)

	Todd Phenneger
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On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <Pine.GHP.4.05.9811040047310.8492-100000@eagle.csrv.uidaho.edu> Todd Phenneger writes:
> > I have a few.  FIrst, I would Powder Coat it.  Powder Coating is
> > impervious to most chemicals, heat, and lasts a long time.  Looks great
> > too.  Plus, if you take it there, they will sand or media blast it before
> > painting anyways so you can take it to them dirty :)
> You _will_ take it to them dirty, even if you think it's clean.
> Their concept of 'clean' is different to ours.
> One word of caution on powder coating.  If you do it to anything that
> has a thread cut in it (the ball joint to strut base joint comes to
> mind) it's a good idea to run a tap of the right size down into the
> hole before trying to bolt it all together again.
> Roger Galvin didn't, and wound up shearing the bolt head off only five
> hours before a Concourse competition 200 miles away.  That powder is
> _grippy_ if it gets onto threads.
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