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Re: Winter tire question - P210 or NRW

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998 14:42:10 EST, Mike Lawton wrote:
>Looking for a set of winter tires for the S4. I want something H rated. I
>think there are essentially 2 choices: Pirelli P210 Asymetrico and Nokian NRW.
>Pricing seems to be about the same. 
>Does anyone have any comparative experience with these 2 tires???

No comparative experience, but I can testify that the Asymetrico is
a very good snow tire for dry road handling. This is perfect along the
Colorado front range where we get a fair amount of snow that
melts quickly leaving roads dry most of the winter. Other winter
tires I have tried, such as the original Blizzaks, are better on ice but
squishy and scary on dry pavement. With the P 210s, I no longer
dread the winter tire change over.

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq