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So what do you think is wrong?

"Marc Dexter" <mdex@royallepage.ca> said:
> I started the car up (A4 1.8t) and after warming the car up the
> emissions control check engine light came on...

Just last Monday my Check Engine lite came on-
I shut the car off and wait 10 sec with the key in the acc position.
This gives the computer time to reset some things.

If the light appears again... tread lightly and get a professional to
look at it.
If the light appears again and the engine runs rough... run to a dealer!

The computer stores these errors and WILL appear on the VAG OBDII
Sometimes things get a hiccup and it sets the alarm off. My tech didnt
see anything more than a throttle position sensor fail to reset.

Unless the car runs poorly, I wait until its convenient to drive to the
shop- usually after work on a weekday.