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Re: <off Topic> Merc. AMG

Andrew Duane USG wrote:
> Hairy green toads from Mars made Brett Dikeman say:
> > What the heck is a Mercedes AMG?  I assume it's an aftermarket mod company,
> > but I was looking for details.  Looked exactly like a standard C-series,
> > but with big "AMG" letters on the back, funny exhaust, and extra-big tires.
> > Is this the company that drops in the huge V8/V12's?  Looked like a
> > ex-highschool-football-quarterback--who-drove-a-mustang-5.0-turned-rich-executiv
> > e type car.
> Yup, AMG Tuners. They make some "interesting" benzes.
> Thumb through a couple of back issues of EC, and I'm sure
> you'll find something by AMG.
Also, Mercedes recently bought into the company.  I forget how much, not
controlling interest though.