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Re: Speeding Alert, ( getting off topic here)

	also they are excellent for testing radar detectors
	and placement/installation of such units.

On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Mr. Daniel P. Grady wrote:

:|In my home town, Simsbury CT, they haven't used the picture thing yet but
:|have used the "radar display trailer". Simsbury and the surrounding towns
:|share a trailer which displays your speed in large yellow numbers posted
:|right next to the speed limit sign. So far they haven't used it for taking
:|pictures or ticketing. I'm always happy to see the trailer when on my bike,
:|F3 : 0-60 in 2.8sec, but the readings won't go triple digit, haven't seen
:|any better than 99 and I don't think my speedo has a 20 mph error. A friend
:|and I even got out of a car and ran down the road getting a reading of 12 as
:|I recall. There's lots of fun things you can use these trailers for, like
:|measuring back 1/4 mile and...
:|Drive Fast,
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