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Re: get ready to be flamed...

In message <000001be0928$e2ebd240$171f12d1@merlin> merlin@ameritech.net writes:

> Ok...lemme get my Nomex suit on...ok...
> I have a 1996 Audi A4q.  This is my first Audi and while I can say that I
> feel the car is put together extremely well and it has been very reliable
> for me however I need more than that.  I need performance.  There is simply
> nothing you can do to this thing to get more oomph out of it.

I don't see that you can be flamed for stating the facts.

The question in my mind is why you didn't ascertain this before plonking
your money down.  Anyone here could have told you this, and you could
then have directed you attention to one of the many Audis that _can_
be tuned.

It's a bit like complaining that your St Bernards won't fit in your TT.

 Phil Payne
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