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Re: 200 TQ wagon value

I saw one ion the Auto Hunter in the northeast (NH) for $10.5K.  It was a
1991 TQW though -- with the 20V turbo engine and the cool-looking flared
wheel wells, etc. Beautiful car!  The car is a one-owner car, and it was
advertised as having 'average miles' which probably means it has around

The non-20V TQWs I've seen personally seem to range from $8K for an '89
with 90K+ miles to $10K for a low-mileage vehicle (70K miles).

I've actually been looking for one myself (off-and-on), and I consider the
first deal to be pretty darn good considering the fact that mileage
probably doesn't mean all that much if the car has been maintained the
right way.   didn't say anything about the front brakes being converted to

There are also some fine examples of the 5KCSTQ wagon out there for around
2-3K cheaper and they're almost the same vehicle, or at least they're
similar in many ways..

Let me know if you're interested in the car -- and I'll go find the guy's
number for you..


85 4KSQ
82 VW Cabriolet