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Re: Urq leaking power steering pump

In message <3642ECEF.83877A9D@bigplanet.com> ANDREW FINNEY writes:

> Phil, this is yet another shameless attempt to rub it in our faces that
> only the WX engined UrQ's made it here to the states. My comment applies
> only to the US models, as the lister was a US resident.

I'm not rubbing anything in anyone's face.

I'm merely concerned that the archives are searchable and that these
posts crop up years from now utterly out of context.  Determining
who is a resident of where on the Internet is pretty near impossible.

IMO the danger that a current or future MB or RR owner could read your
post and put ATF in their hydraulic system is more than finite.

Personally, my aim here is to help others - not expose them to the
risk of $500 worth of damage to their car because I was imprecise.

 Phil Payne
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