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Re: reluctant flasher

Lewis Schnaper <lewis@ukpik.com> writes:

>Over the last few weeks the headlight flasher on my '92 V-8 has 
>required more and more pressure to get the lights to come on.  Is >this
something that might be amenable to adjustment or having the >contacts
cleaned or do I  need to be thinking about a new switch?

I had this problem with the 5K, not the V8, but the stalks
are similar.  I removed the stalk assembly (was there anyway
changing instrument bulbs), cleaned the contacts well with
electrical contact cleaner, then lubed all the friction points 
with some white lube.  Switch went back to normal after that.
There is also the possibility that the switch is OK and the 
problem lies in a relay or something, an ohm meter and a 
wiring diagram would be helpful for this, if you need the
latter I have them at this web site.



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