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keith arthur wrote:
> Here is my story.
> I bought a 1989 Audi 80 non-quattro about 6 months ago.  It had been
> drive well, but burnt a good amount of oil, and I like the way it
> drove.  Tehen I was going on a trip to the mountains and when the gas
> pedel got at a certain spot it would make a grinding noise.  It
> continued to get worse and worse and the car started to not want to go.
> The mechanic said that all othe diff fluid had leaked out and the
> differencial bearings were messed up.  A rebuild tansmission is very
> expensive.  The heater core also needs to be replaced, it needs new
> paint and the engine will need to be rebuilt.  The interior of the car
> is very nice and everything else seems to be in good condition. The car
> has 140K miles
> What do yall think I should do get everything fixed or start looking for
> a new Audi?
> Thanks in advance
> Keith

Sell it...get out. You will pay an enormous amount of money fixing that
car. Older Audis are a slipperly slope of ownership. It starts small...a
couple hundred bucks one month, then just little annoying things...but
relatively free of repair for the next few mnoths..

then another repair..

then a year later, something else...

And then you end up like me...warped, demented, and anguishing over
every squeaky sound your q makes. Trying not to think about the 176,000+
car you have spent so much on, with a student's financial situation no
Replaced the entire hydraulic system (all major components), the
starter, alternator, e-brake cable, all four struts, new wheels, snows
mounted on steels, eurolights, Cd player, new clutch.....
This is far from a complete list...that would probably make me cry.

But, let's just say that it is currently well over $3500 in the past two
years! That isn't including oil changes, gas, and insurance fees. It may
be even higher than that, but I'm too scared to add it all up. I'm
guessing the true total is probably closer to $4500 or more.

If I sold the car today..I would have a hard time recovering my cost
over the last two years. It would be like giving somebody a great
running, properly maintained Q for free. 

For $3000 down, I could lease a new Passat and then have a guaranteed
payment of $260/month for the next 3 years/45K miles. Who knows what is
gonna happen now....Heck, the lifters are sticky and the EM is original
(for what I know). The turbo could die...The oil cooler could spring a
leak...I dunno..anything.

I'm throwing new Pads/Rotors, and rebuilt calipers on this weekend.

If I know now what I didn't know then, I probably would have sold my
200q long ago and gotten another (newer) Audi. Probably a 90 Quattro, or
even an 80 Quattro. Now, I'm in too deep to let her go without a bit
more fighting. I'm even considering storing my 200q until I finish grad
school and leasing a VW for 2year/12K. That way, the Q is strictly a
project car (which probably would sit for 2 years without anything being
done to it..silently rotting away in my parent's barn). 

Dump your 80 now, and go find something else. Perhaps a Quattro..it will
save you quite a bit of headache (especially if it is your daily

BTW..if anybody has a creative ideas for me..I'd love to hear them.

89 200q 175K miles
Albany, NY