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Re: Observations of a BIG circle

Hi R. Shayne!

        You certainly have "hit the point"!  Not too long ago, certain
committees were formed to address this on-going aggravation.  Maybe Dan can
give us an idea how these volunteers are doing organizing the wealth of
information from the Archives.

Wayne Scheer
Amsterdam, NY
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From: R. Shayne Pavlic' <bcpi@arias.net>
To: Audi Quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Thursday, November 05, 1998 11:05 PM
Subject: Observations of a BIG circle

>We just covered that.......  Check the archives it was just
> And so on.  I have been a member of the list for nearly two years now and
>find it quite humorous that there always seems to be a couple of us that
>questions "That were just covered" or give the response to the questions.
>thought also occured.  Since about the first month of being on the list I
>have been reading the same questions and same answers over and over.  I
>guess the point is untill our Audi's fly, there will not be many new
>questions or answer emerging.  So, on that note I formulate this question:
>What constitutes a question that was just covered.  One spoken about 2
>ago?  8?  4 Months?  A year?
>No negative conotations implied here, just curious.
>Could the answer be:  Those with better memories have about a year time?
>Those without good memories about 2 weeks?
>Hmmmmmm, there I ramble again.
>Oh well, would not be the first rambling on the list.