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RE: Winter tire question - P210 or NRW

I just got a set of 205/60R15H NRW's for mu UrQ.  The look kinda nice on the 8" Ronals.  Now if I could only get my car together...

Jouko Haapanen

On Thursday, November 05, 1998 9:42 PM, LawtonMK@aol.com [SMTP:LawtonMK@aol.com] wrote:
> Looking for a set of winter tires for the S4. I want something H rated. I
> think there are essentially 2 choices: Pirelli P210 Asymetrico and Nokian NRW.
> Pricing seems to be about the same. 
> Does anyone have any comparative experience with these 2 tires???
> Mike Lawton