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Sorry, more stuff FS

Please, please, please, I want to get rid of this stuff!  Some is
even free!   Also have much left on the 4KQ like door panels, 
inside door handles, ash tray (back), steering wheel, rear lights,  
trunk lining stuff, door bins, etc...  Hoping to get the title from 
NYS DMV soon...
 	*Older 4K front speakers				OK, Free!
	*Light for inside glovebox			Free, too!
	*Brand New pass front handle w/  keys                    	$20
	*Older 4K series cluster switches	 
	(HL switch, defrost, and hazards)			$  3/each
	*Older, over driver's head  interior light		$  3
	*Fuba power antenna				$22.50
 	*Adapter cable for antenna (runs to head unit)	$15
	*Outside power mirrors				$10/each
	*Driver's side Head Light				$15
	*Bits and pieces of center console			$  ? 
	*Back door window switches			$  5/each
	*Front corner markers				$  5/each
	*Center caps for 85+  4KQ rims			$  5/each
	*4KQ Fiche					$  ?
	*Front bumper cover, red, needs some TLC	$20 	
oooo   Ron Roth  Ithaca NY USA  talkpine@lightlink.com  
           84 4000S "Heidi"  and  85 4000 Quattro  "Parts"