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Re: Audi quattro 1/24 model (fwd)

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, John Karasaki wrote:

> They also have a die cast urq model as well for $8.50.  Again much cheaper
> than I paid for mine from EWA Cars!

Keep in mind that EWA Cars sells the UrQ model made by DetailCars (ART490
and so on), while Irene's sells a Burago.  I don't know which is better,
but I really like my DetailCars one and paid much more than $8.50 for it.
>From other models I've seen and what listers have said, the DetailCars
models are better than the competition... of course, I could be _way off_

I'd venture a guess that you've got the ART490, eh?


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