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Re: 80 Rain Water Leak


    Check that the fuse box cover is well sealed and fitting tightly. On the
Type 44, the fuse box is open to the inside of the car, so a poorly fitting
cover will result in a water leak on a rainy day and a frozen kneecap on a
Canadian winter's day (this is how I found the problem on my '86 5ktq). I
assume your Audi 80 will have the same setup.
    Check for broken plastic clips or hinges on the fuse box cover. Mine had
one of the securing clips broken off and this was causing the leak - the
cover was not secured tightly enough.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  261k km
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Date: Thursday, November 05, 1998 2:33 AM
Subject: 80 Rain Water Leak

>Help, son's '88 80 is making water puddles in the drivers side floor.  We
>water droplets on some of the wiring bundles up in the right hand corner of
>the foot well just to the left of the clutch pedal.
>He has replaced the rubber boot around the hood release cable where it goes
>through the body, just next to the fuse box.  He has had the windsheild
>(replaced once by previous owner, not OEM glass) by a auto glass shop.
>to leak less, but still water coming in.
>Any experience with the fuse box to body gasket seal leaking?  Haven't
>that one up yet.  Any other experience or hidden tricks anyone has
>Thanks Gary A.  91 200, 85 4K, 85 4K, '88 80....