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Re: GVW vs. curve weight? (no Audi content)

The GVW stands for "Gross Vehicle Weight" and refers to the vehicle fully
loaded to it's maximum allowable weight. Loading over this weight can
make the vehicle unsafe. The road tax is often figured based on GVW as
well, hence the incentive to overload, hence weigh stations, etc. Curb
wieght is the vehicle with all fluids ready to drive, but no passengers
or cargo. 

I agree the LED lights are pretty cool. I have seen them in use on busses
for a few years. One of the big advantages of them is that they light
much more quickly to full brightness attracting more attention.

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998 19:20:58 -0600 (CST) Virtual Bob
<h93young@creighton.edu> writes:
>What's the difference between the two?
>interesting sight...
>While out tonight, I came across this 18-wheeler at the stop light
>(the light was red). While coming to a stop, I thought, "Gee whiz, 
>red lights (on the trailer) are sure coherent..."
>And it wasn't until I was beside it that I found the reason why -- all 
>stop lights and the turning lights on the trailer was made up of LED
>arrays, arranged in such (round) that they looked like regular 
>trailer lights. Quite cool. Quite bright, too, compared to regular 
>'Mericans hate speeding...
>I'm watching that cop show on Fox. They had this one scene in which a 
>on Autobahn flips and crashes. I just loved that commentary 
>highway... notorious for speeding cars." I bet if cops had their way, 
>would have us citizens to walk the highway on our two feet.
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