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Re: 5ktq/200tq parts for sale

>Steering wheel w/airbag

Please mention to him that I do not think it is wise to resell airbag 
units, particularly ones from wrecked cars.  It is also illegal to ship 
them(they are classified as explosive devices, and thus not carriable by 
UPS, USPS, Fedex, and just about every other package company.  Some will, 
if you pay big $$$, specially package it, and sign all sorts of forms.) 
Then, there's the issue of damage in shipment.  Airbag Generator Units(as 
the airbag explosive device is called, because it explosively generates a 
gas) require very special handling. The Bently specifies no sudden drops, a 
certain orientation when placed on a workbench, so on etc.

I would strongly encourage listers to never, ever buy an airbag 
component(particularly the airbag itself), used.  Not something to be toyed 
with.  They should be taken to the dealer(if already removed.)  If it's in 
a car, let a qualified mechanic(or the dealer) remove it.  This is -NOT- a 
DIY component, folks!

>To fit earlier 5ktq:
>One "Quattro" center tailight panel (great for a 5k owner wanting to
>update the look of your car)

you mean "turbo" panel, not "quattro" panel.  All type-44 non-turbos had a 
black middle panel, all turbos had red/orange panels.

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