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Re: 5ktq/200tq parts for sale

Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> writes:

>units, particularly ones from wrecked cars.  It is also illegal to 
>ship them(they are classified as explosive devices, and thus not
>by UPS, USPS, Fedex, and just about every other package company.  Some 
>will,  if you pay big $$$, specially package it, and sign all sorts of 

If you consider $5  " big $$$" , this is the extra charge UPS tacked on
for shipping a Mercyless Benz airbag to my friends shop from a Texas

>Then, there's the issue of damage in shipment.  Airbag Generator 

There was a $15 packaging charge,  the box was specially made, but the
box was the same "special box" as required for shipping thinner, paint

>a car, let a qualified mechanic(or the dealer) remove it.  This is 
>-NOT- a 
>DIY component, folks!

Bull, if you follow the procedures outlined, and are careful, anyone can
work with airbag equipped cars.  I trust myself to do this kind of work
much more than the "monkey lads" at the local dealership.  There is much
more danger involved in sticking your hand into an almost empty gas tank
to change the pump than pulling an airbag by the book.


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