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All-Road A Go For Y2K

Just got my latest AW (11.9.98 issue) and it reports that an Audi
official has said the All-Road will be built sometime in calendar-year
2000 and sold both in the US and Europe.  I'm not sure we need another
cosmetics-only styling exercise, even from Audi.  So hopefully it will
have some desirable features not found in your standard Avant! 
Personally I'd love an Avant, but my sights *could* be swayed.

Also reported was the (expected) return of the S4, this time on an A4
base with the 250 hp turbo motor from the upcoming TT.  Sadly, the A3
hatchback coupe supposedly won't find its way here according to Audi
North American VP Gerd Klauss.  Audi figures the size is a problem and,
Gee! , we already have the A4 1.8T!  Maybe they also looked at the
success rate of that little kurz WMB and figured the US didn't like

Anyway, pick up (or read) a copy at your local newsstand next week to
get more of the details.