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87.5 CGT--mechanical questions

Two questions concerning strange sounds emanating from my 
beloved CGT:

1) parked at a gas station last night and heard a high pitched 
humming sound from inside the car.  Made sure radio and HVAC 
fan was off.  Got outside and couldn't hear it as clearly.  Popped 
the trunk, stuck my head inside, listened and it seems to be 
coming from that general area.  What is underneath the car in 
general vicinity of the trunk that would be making a constant 
humming sound. I didn't notice it before.  Is it the sign of something 
about to go?  Fuel pump maybe?  

2) In the morning, backing down my driveway, which is on a hill, as 
I pull onto the street, turning the steering wheel clock-wise, as it 
reaches the lock position I hear a "pop" sound coming from the 
front of the car.  What the heck is that?  Just had one wheel 
bearing done last month and was told that the other one would 
need doing in the near future.  That isn't it, is it?