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Re: Importing S2 (Was: Ersatz S2)


The snips were from my message.  You sound like you have done a lot of
research on the subject.  I'll check out the 20v list, etc. and wouldn't
mind contacting you further if you don't mind.  Funny how they can look so
similar from the outside....  This will certainly not be a project I
start/accomplish in the next 6 months, so I think I will try to find out
what I can (hopefully without being to big of a pain to everyone) and at
least get started in some capacity.  I guess I have time and the
stubbornness, I've had a CQ since 1990...Love the fact that people, not
having seen one, assume it is a new car!

Do you actually have, or know of a source, for someone's step by step
process.  Maybe this is what you say is on the 20v list.  Also, can someone
let me know the listers that are the key people on the subject (suppliers,
done its, doing its, etc.).  Thanks a bunch.

Scott Wood
1990 CQ
Charlotte, NC

> From: Lynette Hull <lynette@cardinalventures.com>
> To: Ehop@aol.com
> Cc: quattro list <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: Re: Importing S2 (Was: Ersatz S2)
> Date: Saturday, November 07, 1998 9:14 AM
> >I have articles from R&T and Sports Car Illustrated from, I believe 1990
> >and 1991 (I don't have facts on which years it was actually produced for
> >its full run) with the S2 featured and the thing looks IDENTICAL to the
> >CQ.
> Look again.  There are _no_ body parts shared by the US Coupe Quattro and
> the S2 forward of the cowl except fenders.  Production, BTW, was '91-'95,
> about eight thousand units including sedans and avants.
> >I will get the articles out and compare to mine in the drive if you
> >would like.  I think the bumpers (at least the covers) even looked
> >identical.  The 'corporate' grill was certainly on the car in 1990.  I
> >photos of the car with the hood up, and I swear it looks like you could
> >change some attaching hardware to the 'frame' (unibody) and literally
> >attach the S2 hood to a US CQ.
> Yes, the hood is no problem, and is in fact the same part as appeared on
> B4 series 90s in the US, specifically the Cabriolet and the V6 90.
> >I have thought about this, and would like
> >to get the components to get mine to S2 specs (springs, hubs, MOTOR,
> >but have found no way to get the information together.
> We've done it for you.   Complete parts lists and descriptions of the
> procedure will be available soon on the ersatz S2 web site hosted by
> Lagemann.  Watch :
> http://www.20v.net/
> >Granted, I haven't
> >been relentless about it, yet, but the general consensus is 'can't be
> >done'.
> By no means the consensus, in fact quite the opposite.  My conversion has
> been discussed and documented on the 20V list for a year.  There are at
> least three US CQs converted to more or less S2 specs, with others
> In addition, Ned Ritchie has plundered the Audi parts bin to create an S2
> sedan with many RS2 components.
> I disagree and there would just be something special about doing it
> >as the factory would have instead of a bunch of potentially mismatched
> >components from the aftermarket.
> My project, and the others of which I am aware, use a combination of
> and aftermarket approaches.  For example, the RS2 airbox fits better and
> a better design than the S2 airbox, so is the better choice.  All
> intercooler plumbing, front bumper assembly and misc. hardware such as
> throttle cable, oil and fuel lines, bracketry, rear battery box, etc have
> be factory S2.  Since the project involves swapping a 3B from a US 200,
> best way to handle electricals is to integrate the harnesses, using the
> underhood fuse box, etc.  Finally, some items, like the exhaust system,
> really require a custom solution, since, for example, it is simply
> impractical to install the factory S2 dual system because the floorpans
> different and you'd be into replacing underbody sheet metal.  In the end,
> comes down to money:  Do you want to buy the factory rear fuel line that
> routes around the underseat battery box, or will a length of aeroquip
> pressure fittings suffice?  I chose the latter; I may be crazy, but not
> fanatical.
> (Not a slam to anyone, considering
> >2Bennett, etc is certainly on MY list, but I would be concerned about my
> >ability to get all the right 'stuff' together. - anyone want to spend
> >considerable bench racing time helping, let me know!)  You know what I
> >mean?  Like an M5, 540, M3, etc kind of performance and refinement.
> With RS2 manifold, lightened flywheel, and chip, we think the car is
> 280HP. (gotta borrow a G-tech somewhere)  It's a cool, clear day here in
> Princeton, NJ, for the Tigers/Quakers football game.  There'll be ample
> opportunity to startle alumni driving M3s and Boxsters.   ;-)
> Brandon Hull
> '91 ersatz S2