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Drivetrain savvy

Hello, list!
I'm a WannaQuattro who's looking at an '88 80Q that was in a minor front
collision. Headlights, grill and hood were damaged, as well as aux
radiator, timing belt cover, etc. The owner tells me the CLUTCH was
"blown" also, which doesn't make too much sense to me. I suspect
something more critical (expensive?) was damaged, but I'm unfamiliar
with the Quattro drivetrain.
I once worked on a #ubaru with the same symptoms, and remedied it by
shifting the transfer case back into gear. Guess that won't work with a
Quattro, huh?
I would greatly appreciate input from anyone familiar with the
drivetrain in these beasts who might shed some light on the probable
causes of a no-move condition after a front-ender.
Thanks bunches!