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re: 87 4kq headlight switch problem

drmarino@juno.com wrote:
> I recently replaced the headlight switch on my 87 4kq with an exact Audi
> part. The switch only allows the connector to plug in the correct way.
> (Naturally, I had the battery disconnected). When I reconnected the
> battery the switch worked as it should - however the 4-way flashers and
> the rear defroster came on even though they were pushed in (i.e in the
> off position). Now the 4-way flashers and the rear defroster switches
> need to be pulled out (what used to be the on position) in order to be
> off.

Your car is fixed now.  It was backwards before.  In is on, out
is off.

How the heck was it the other way before?!  Which pedal makes it
go? =)