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Re: EVO mag / Nov 98 edition

Jason Palmer <jaspal1@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Just picked up the premier edition of EVO, British mag I picked up at

>The do some ScubaRoo Impreza tests, an article with the creater of
>Gran Turismo... New Maser, a whole article on handling.

>But the true Q content?
>TT quattro and 20v turbo Quattro semi-comparison.
>I've not read it yet- but it looks promising.

>Next month?
>How to buy (maintain) a UrQ without breaking the bank.

>I might have to subscribe if this mag continues to provide quattro

A very good publication indeed, with nice photography into the bargain.
Most of the writers have come from Performance Car, which has vanished
without trace after being incorporated into Car magazine. Evo seems to fill
the void neatly.

Thanks to Jim Haseltine for getting me onto this one...