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Re: Almost Reckless driving

Rokas Reipa wrote:
> Today, while trying to make it to work(I work in Springfield, VA, live
> in Gaithersburg, MD) I was going about 90-95 mph on I-495 when I saw the
> VA state trooper parked on the side, with its radar conspicuously out. I
> pressed firmly on the brake and managed to slow it down to about 80.
> Nevertheless, he went after me. Pulled me over and graciously informed
> me that he clocked me at 82 and that this was reckless
> driving(??!?!?!?).

What was the speed limit ?  In Texas, if you are speeding by 20-25 miles
(if memory serves me) it is, almost always, a trip to the jail. I'm glad
the speed limit was upped to 70mph(in rural non metropolitan areas).

>  OK.....He came back after a while, gave me a warning
> and told me to watch it.

I am certain I would've received a ticket :(

> The limit on the beltway has always puzzled me.
> Four wide lanes and when I was caught, there was hardly any traffic.
> Weather was good as well. For those who care, it was under the I-66 West
> underpass before the exit to Gallows Rd. After ticketing me, he followed
> me for a while and set up another trap further down the road. I know
> this is a futile and dumb question but don't they have anything better
> to do?

I think he accomplished his goal
> I guess I'll curb my momentary 100mph jaunts down the straightaways of
> 495. It's a shame too because the car feels great.......:)

'86 4KCSQ