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Re: urq idle problem solved

In message <19981107230125.16185.qmail@hotmail.com> "Mike Del Tergo" writes:

> As you have undoubtedly come across this more than anyone here,  what
> would you guess as the cause for the 4000RPM cutout on my 81 WR UrQ.
> Idle & WOT switches Ohm OK.  Manifold temp Sensor Ohms OK.  Car will
> build 1 BAr boost in higher gears were 4000RPM is not necessary, so I
> would say not overboost problem, car will also crawl to 5K+ if done
> without boost.  Ideas?  Also any idea the correct Ohm reading for temp
> sensor behind #5 when engine is warm?  Currently infinite both hot and
> cold, will replace but wante to throw a resister in there short term.

Deg C          Ohm
 20           1000
 40            500
 60            250
 90            100
120             50

Changed any components lately?  4000 rpm is the point, on a 5-cylinder
engine, when the 'sparks per minute' rate reaches the limit for a
4-cylinder engine.  I'd also check the coil grounds and the primary

 Phil Payne
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