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Re: Almost Reckless driving

Rokas Reipa wrote...

>Today, (snip)
>I was going about 90-95 mph on I-495 (snip)
>gave me a warning (snip)
>This still won't make me drive 55 (snip)

95 in a 55 and you got a warning? 
Buy a ticket for the next policemans benficiary benefit.

While you and your car may well have been safe and stable at that speed,
the officer has _no way_ of knowing that, nor the capability of the driver.

He tickets clapped out Chevettes going 95mph, too. Bet they don't get

Keep smilin'!

Steve Bigelow
Discreet Dungeons
Ottawa Ontario
'84 5ks "Audrey", Zermatt silver, Husco armrest/cupholder, Bosch H4/H1
'82 Coupe (previous)