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No Subject

Quattro9020v said:

"When to power locks are activated [to either lock or unlock] there is the
normal vacum sound and then somewhere in the vicinity of the trunk lock
there is a moderatly loud clunk.  The 9/3 position keeps the trunk locked
as does the 12/6 position and the only way to open it is with the key at
the 1/7 position.  Does this problem sound familiar to anyone??  An easy
fix, or live with it?  Any BTDT's appreciated."

Interesting, but my 91 90Q 20V performs in exactly the same way that you
describe.  I read the manual also, and it does say that the 9/3 position
should operate the trunk lock in conjunction with the doorlocks ie. doors
unlocked, trunk unlocked.  Anyone else out there corroborate?  I just
suspect that the manual is wrong, but......
Craig Krivin
MCI/WorldCom Advanced Networks
Sr. Account Manager
Upstate NY Branch
Ckrivin@csi.Xcompuserve.com (remove X to reply..)