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Re: Brake return spring

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <l03020900b269c698d32c@[]> Tom Nas writes:
> > When you posted the Ford part number for the brake return spring, I saved
> > it somewhere- unfortunately I can't find it now. Could you tell me that
> > part number again?
> 6141147 & 6141148.

This weekend Igor and I rebuilt my rear calipers. He managed to free up
the e-brake return arm without changing the original spring. I believe
the method was to remove the limiting bolt, then open the arm, then pry
it upward (away from the caliper body perpendicular to it's normal
travel motion) gently, then spray liberally with a quality rust
penetrator/lubricant. The arm had to be worked loose gently. It works
fine now, after being disfunctional for over a year. 

It worked quite nicely on my 200q with 176K miles (most likely original

Tom, make sure your e-brake cables aren't the culprit as well. 

-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY.