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Re: whoops-busted steering wheel-4kq

In a message dated 11/9/98 9:47:24 AM Eastern Standard Time,
mchang@ece.nwu.edu writes:

<<  Plastic tabs are available from Audi for about $3 each. Major rip off for
 > piece of plastic. Well worth it when horn cover is hanging off!
 Heh... right now, I've just got dangling center.  Makes the SO look at me
 with that, "Oh yes, sure, this is a _wonderful_ car" look :)...
 > just unscrew bolt and replace tab. the bolts are also the horn switch
 > contacts. The horn cover just snaps back on with a firm slam of the hand.
 Thanks -- I didn't know that these things actually came off :)... lucky
 me, I guess.  $3/pop doesn't sound too bad, like you said, when you've got
 no horn cover.

BTW you might have to remove the broken 1/2 of the tab which may still be in
the socket on your horn cover. They come out pretty easily with a screwdriver.

How did the odometer repair go? That is the tougher job here.