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Re: Are there any 2.3L "NF" power mods?

Andrew Duane USG <duane@hunch.zk3.dec.com> and a chorus of toads chimed:

> Nope.
> I have one of these, and there isn't much to do. Play 
> with the timing, put in a K&N. Next stop: new exhaust 
> and cam, $$$.

There were a few tuners that had offered chips for the 10v non-turbos
80's and 90's. TAP comes to mind. But really, that isn't much of a
boost for the money.

I'd suggest instead of buying a chip, get the ignition system

Then get to the 'college' mods:
bump the timing
perhaps a K&N (or clean element)
move the knock sensor off the block.
   (I tried this, maybe it works, maybe not- I never revved the 5000sq
engine too high)

Another trick I tried and had little luck:
use a little set screw or something to force the 2nd butterfly on the
throttle body to open earlier.
When I tried it, the car was nearly undriveable- made the throttle as
close to binary as possible.

Jason Palmer
ex-83 5ks owner
ex-88 5ksq owner
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