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Re: 4kq ps fluid - Pentosin or ATF?

In message <36470060.D106F01A@rtis.ray.com> Luis Marques writes:

> Well, I have decided it's time to replace the power steering fluid and
> filter on my car - an '87 4kcsq.  Hopefully that will take care of some
> of the squealing my car is making at idle.  Common knowledge is that all
> early Ur-Quattros, Coupe GTs, and 4k quattros use ATF on the power
> steering system.  My car, however, has this little sticker on the ps
> reservoir warning that only "hydraulic mineral oil" should be used part
> number  002 000.  Can somebody confirm if I have been "blessed" with a
> Pentosin car, or if it's OK to use regular ATF?  TIA

Yup.  ATF will damage the seals.

 Phil Payne
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